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Why visit Barcelona? We give you 38 reasons

So, Why should you visit Barcelona at least once?

To Illustrate,  in this city live 8.9 million overnight visitor in 2017. Barcelona is one of this kind of city with an amazing mix between perfect size and quality life. Sun, beaches, food, architecture, and innumerable things that going to give to the best 38 reasons to know why visit Barcelona in Spain.

As result, of my experience and 11 years living in Barcelona, let’s check 38 highlights selected specially for your next visit to Barcelona:


1. Cosmopolitan

Located in a strategic point of Mediterranean Sea. Barcelona is loved by travelers of many nationalities around the world. Exactly, has been chosen in the position number 6 by the Traveler choice of TripAdvisor for 2019.

Japanese, South American, English, Chinese, Nordic are one the nationalities that can be founded visiting the Barcelona. Indeed, other people not only visit Barcelona, they decide try their luck to live in this great city. Check below some figures about population in Barcelona on 2017:

  • 8% of residents in Barcelona are foreigners (288,675 people)
  • Italians is the biggest foreign community in Barcelona – 29,272 – (some of the them Argentinians).
  • China has 19,866 residents.
  • Pakistan is the third country with more citizen in Barcelona: 19,285
  • France with 14,717
  • Morocco with 12,827 residents
  • Bolivia, Colombia and the Philippines 9K approx. citizen each one.


Art Nouveau buildings

The main art influence of this city is absolutely why you should visit Barcelona at any season time. Art Nouveau was popular in Barcelona between 1890 and 1910 approx. And the famous architects were Antoni Gaudi (2, 3, 4 & 5), Lluís Domènech i Montaner or Josep Puig i Cadafalch, among others. You can find easily this style on public & private buildings.


2. Sagrada Familia

Currently, this building has almost 137 year of construction. As consequence of this admirable work, Sagrada Familia is the biggest and visited art nouveau building in Barcelona. City council estimated ending this masterpiece of architecture on 2026.

Due to the over crowding, tickets to visit Sagrada Familia can be gotten directly at the basilic and by internet, as well. My recommendation is avoid the queue and schedule your visit by the website.

Additionally, keep some time to have a look the “Hospital San Pau” at 2 min from Sagrada Familia, designed by Lluís Domènech i Montaner.


3. Park Güell

This park includes more than 17 hectares of nature and art nouveau architecture. Until 2013, access was free for tourist and citizen. Since then on, one area has been closed for tourist with a price starting from 8.5€.

why visit Barcelona


4. La Pedrera

The Casa Milà, usually known as “The stone quarry”, was built between 1906 and 1912, accordingly with art nouveau development years.

A curiosity is that still until now this building has tenants with their own entrance and elevator.


5. Casa Batlló

Located in the heart of “Passeig de Gracia”. Casa Batlló was built in 1877 and then, it was redesigned in 1904 and has been refurbished several times after that.

Do not lose the opportunity to visit the house just next to. It is “Casa Ametller”. You can visit this building with a theatrical performance and chocolate taste in their own chocolate shop.


Streets and neighborhoods

One reason why tourist visit Barcelona in Spain is to getting lost in the streets, areas, viewpoints and neighborhoods. An experience just living the moment visiting Barcelona.


6. Montjuic

Is an small hill located between Barcelona’s harbor and Spain square. Accessible by walking, bus, funicular, cable car or taxi.

Specifically, it is main activity is culture and sport. Therefore, in this hill you can find (among others):


7. La Rambla

You have not visit Barcelona if you have not walked through Las Ramblas. It is primarily pedestrianized, and the most important boulevard of the city.

Approximately 1.2 kilometers long. In Las Ramblas is possible find souvenirs, flowers, sport, ice-cream, caramels, chocolate kiosks. Arriving to the port is possible see painter’s area; landscape, portrait, Gaudi or Picasso inspiration.

¡One tip! pay attention on your foots once you arrive to Liceu station, you will find a Miró tile painting.

why visit Barcelona


8. Ciudadella park

This park is the almost the main lung of Barcelona. So that, during summer season is Barcelona worth visiting, just to live the experience of the atmosphere in this park.

For the purpose of, enjoy the green areas Circ artist practicing, spontaneous music live, picnic, family, friends and are the main guests of this Ciudadella park.

Check around, and detected that within Ciudadella park is also located the city zoo.


9. Gothic quarter

In the middle of downtown, Gothic quarter Is a very central area, next to La Rambla and Born. If you are there, your Highlighted building are: Cathedral, Council or the Bisbe bridge.


10. The Carmel Bunkers

In the first place, It is an ex anti-aircraft warfare installed at the top of Turó de la Rovira. Secondly, (and the best) The Carmel bunkers are an amazing 360º viewpoint of Barcelona

Due to high demand of visitors The Carmel Bunkers have been reconditioned in terms of security.


11. Tibidabo

At 512 meters (1,680 ft), it is the tallest mountain in the Serra de Collserola, Tibidabo is one of Barcelona things to visit. At the top, you can find a big a nice church with a Christ quite like Rio de Janeiro’s one. Also, a famous amusement park, and of course and incredible views of Barcelona.

why visit Barcelona


12. El Raval

Even this neighborhood has a dark past. Has been able to grow-up and develop in terms of security, gastronomy, as diverse of nationalities living in el Raval. An also, related to culture including contemporary museums or the cat Botero sculpture.


13. Contemporary art

If you are a contemporary art lover is Barcelona a good place to visit. Take your time, and discover the main treasures of city in Miró museum, Macba, CCCB or Museu del diseny.



Why visit Barcelona in Spain? Mediterranean flavors, haute cuisine, slow food, street food, fusion, international influences are interesting reason to taste this destination.


14. Local tapas

Spanish food is famous at worldwide level. Of course, in Barcelona you can find local taverns with history as “patatas bravas” in Bar Tomás. Or someone’s renewed but still keeps the essence of Catalonian flavors.


15. Fresh fish & seafood

As coastal zone, Barcelonan citizens loves to have fresh fish at home or enjoy a delicious paella with sea views.  As for, taste options in Barceloneta neighborhood like Cala Nuri.

why visit Barcelona


16. Slow Food

As the organization says, Slow Food is a global, grassroots organization, founded in 1989 to prevent the disappearance of local food cultures and traditions, counteract the rise of fast life and combat people’s dwindling interest in the food they eat, where it comes from and how our food choices affect the world around us.

Speaking about, in Barcelona this tendency can be found in associations, farm markets or even in restaurants, as the Italian – Catalonia restaurant Due Spaghi.


17. Ferrán Adrià legacy

Until 2011 many tourist visited Barcelona to have the best culinary experience in the world at the restaurant El Bulli.

Once the 5th time awarded the world’s best restaurant was closed, the chef and Ferrán Adrià’s brother created El Barri. A group of high-quality restaurants from Mexican food until classic tapas. An advance booking is required.


18. Michelin stars restaurants

31 Michelin stars distributed on 22 restaurant in city, is another delicious reason why visit Barcelona.

Nevertheless, if your budget is not quite enough for Michelin star prices, once chance to taste their cuisine for a quite reasonable price is by the daily menu (some available).


19. International cuisine

As was previously stated, Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city. So,there are many cuisines from different kind of cultures in Barcelona’s neighborhoods.

For example, one demonstration is the pizzeria Madre Lievito located in Poblenou. Which in addition to serve wonderful pizzas has available Italian appetizers.

why visit Barcelona


20. Calçots

Why you should to visit Barcelona during winter season? Definitely on account of “calçots”.

What is a calçot? Calçots are a seasonal vegetable similar to leeks or spring onions grown in Catalonia. They usually are cooked on the barbecue and served as started dressed with a special sauce. Normally in this menu, second course is roasted meat and dessert is “crema catalana”.


21. Vermouth time

First of all, what is a vermouth? It is an aromatized, fortified white wine flavored with various botanicals (roots, barks, flowers, seeds, herbs, and spices) and sometimes colored.

Catalonians calls to “vermouth time”, when they go to some bar to meet with friends or family, before than lunch time. Normally, on Sunday to drink Vermouth with some appetizers as chips or olives.

why visit Barcelona


23. Breakfast & Brunch

From another point of view, modern Barcelona residents usually on weekends loves have breakfast or brunch on the coolest and delicious places in Barcelona.

Then, have a look an example brunch menu on Cafe Menssana.


24. Wine & Cava

Catalonia territory include many denominations of origin. You can visit a winery, do some tasting class or just enjoy a variety in one of the best restaurants in Barcelona.

Catalonian denomination of origin (DO) are:

24. Local markets

Is Barcelona worth visiting and have a look of local life. The Barcelona population that buy on local markets is continuously growing-up. Manly due to the high quality and to support local farm.

The most market visited by the tourist is Boqueria market. My suggestion is get-out of this crowded area and check another one:

why visit Barcelona


25. Food markets

Tendency to visit Barcelona is clear: food experience. How about to do it with food truck, beer, wine, desserts, homemade food, music, cloth stands, handcraft, art? Check some options during the year:


Music & festivals

Visiting Barcelona, you can live a music experience since classic until to electronic sessions.


26. Nightlife clubs

Get a drink, dance or get involved by Barcelona music atmosphere.


27. Music festivals

In the same way, Is Barcelona a good place to visit in terms of music festival. Consider spring or summer as the best season for this activity in Barcelona:


28. Shows & Performance

If you want to sit and enjoy of a classic music, international singer, performance or any flamenco dance. Is possible you can find it at Liceu or Palau de la música. Be aware even the only fact to be in those amazing buildings is a spectacle.


29. Film festivals

If you are a moviegoer, you have a reason why to visit Barcelona for. Alternative cinema, short films, festivals by country, cinema at the beach. Or the famous international fantastic film festival of Sitges, can be your favorite activity visiting Barcelona.



At the beach or mountain, Barcelona always has options to practice or see sports.


30. See Sports

The maximum star of Spanish sport is absolutely football. Check all the matches available during the year for FC Barcelona at Camp Nou.

why visit Barcelona


31. Practice sport

At the city, you love practice sports I categorically recommend you approach to any beach and give you the chance to Stand-up paddle, beach volley, run, inline skating.

Moreover, if you prefer to get in contact with nature, in 30 minutes by car or train you can practice mountain sports as climbing, trekking or canyoning.



Since exclusive design until fashion cloth for every budget for sure that is going to be available in your next visit to Barcelona.


32. Local brands

Spanish fashion at affordable prices can be found at the downtown in Barcelona as Zara or Mango.


33. Young designers

If you like exclusive and modern pieces of cloths. You can have a look in art stand of food markets (25) or in Born neighborhood.


34. Luxury brands

If you are a fashion lover with brands as Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana or Dior? Your shopping zone in Barcelona is Passeig de Gracia in the heart of the city.



35. Sun & Beaches

If you are still asking you, why should i visit Barcelona? The best answer is because Barcelona has the privilege to display incredible beaches.

You can enjoy them depending of the weather (more less) since end of May until end of September. Including great services as toilet, shower, bar and restaurant very close.

why visit Barcelona


36. Business

Neuralgic point in the country for business meeting, congress or conferences is Barcelona. Due to sun, beaches, shopping, gastronomy, business world see to Barcelona the perfect complements to close their business in the city.


37. LGBT friendly

As tolerance and open-mind city. Barcelona include a big festival, stores, bars and residential zone “Gaixample” to give the best for the visitors.


38. Free Wi-Fi

Finally, If you have not roaming international do not worry. Barcelona has free WI-FI for everyone. There are many internet spot connections available supported by the local council.