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6 Vegan restaurants in Barcelona you have to try

Veganism and vegetarianism are growing food trends. Whether it is out of concern for the environment, animal cruelty or health, more and more people are embracing a plant-based diet. But a vegan lifestyle and travel do not always mix well. It can be hard for vegans to find suitable places to eat when visiting different cities and countries. Food is an important part of travel, and with this list of the best vegan restaurants in Barcelona you won’t miss out on great vegan food experience.


Vegan cities around the world 100 words

Especially in the US and Europe restaurants are playing into this new food trend by offering vegetarian and vegan options in their menu. Completely vegan and vegetarian restaurants are popping up everywhere as well. Some cities are especially vegan-friendly. Big cities in the US, such as LA, New York, San Francisco and Portland, Oregon, have lots of good vegan restaurants. In Europe London, Berlin, Warsaw, and Prague are the most vegan-friendly. Asian cities like Chiang Mai, Singapore, and Hong Kong are great options for vegan travelers, according to The Plant Way.


Vegan-friendly Barcelona 100 words

In 2016, Barcelona declared themselves a veggie friendly city. As part of this declaration, the city is taking steps to promote vegetarianism and veganism in Barcelona. They support Meat Free Monday initiative, which encourages people to eat less meat and raise awareness for the environmental impact of meat. City Hall also created a space for vegan and vegetarian businesses called BCNvegPoint and a vegetarian city guide. Barcelona veg friendly is a mobile app that shows users exactly where to find vegetarian and vegan meals and vegan supermarkets in the city. You can use it to create your own vegan food tour of Barcelona.


Best vegan restaurants in Barcelona 60 words each

Barcelona has a very diverse food scene with some of the best traditional dishes in Spain. These are our must eat foods in Barcelona, some of which are vegetarian. Even with the vegetarian city guide, it can be hard to choose where to eat. To make things easier for you, we have created a list of our favorite vegan restaurants in Barcelona for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This list contains great vegan restaurants in Barcelona and restaurants that have vegan options.


Vegan restaurants in Barcelona for breakfast

Itacate serves some meat dishes and everything in a vegan version as well. The best things about breakfast at Itacate is the juice bar with delicious smoothies and açai bowls made with plant milk.

vegan restaurant barcelona


Santoni serves one of the things that can be hardest to find for vegans: good pastries. Santoni bakery and cafe is famous in Barcelona for their delicious vegan croissants and a vegan version of the Spanish bocadillo. Sit down in the cozy café in the morning for a cold-pressed juice or coffee and a vegan pastry for a great start of your day.


Vegan restaurants in Barcelona for lunch

Macrobiotic Zen is a vegan restaurant and a world of its own. All the food in this vegan restaurant in Barcelona is not just vegan, but also macrobiotic. Instead of a fixed menu, you create your own unique dishes by picking five main ingredients and a garnish. Macrobiotic Zen also has a shop attached where you can buy organic and macrobiotic products.

vegan restaurant barcelona


Teresa Carles is a vegetarian restaurant in Barcelona that is popular with non-vegetarians as well. They have a changing daily lunch menu which always offers a vegan option. The menu is an interesting spin on traditional Spanish and Catalan cuisine. The food at Teresa Carles is creative, healthy and tasty, especially when paired with a great wine from their cellar.


Vegan restaurants in Barcelona for dinner

Flax & Kale is a staple among the vegan-friendly restaurants in Barcelona, and one of the most popular lunch restaurants in town. Their focus is on healthy food, with lots of raw, vegan and gluten-free options. If you are running late for breakfast, Flax & Kale is a perfect brunch spot as well.


Green Spot is more a vegetable restaurant than a strictly vegan restaurant. The menu is international and based on flavorful and fun use of vegetables. The vegan Thai curry is especially delicious, and you don’t need to worry about hidden ingredients like fish sauce.


Best vegan dessert in Barcelona

Gelaaati di Marco

Finding good vegan desserts can be a challenge. But you don’t have to miss out on the delights of delicious, frozen treats just because you don’t consume animal products. Gelaaati di Marco sells artisanal gelato with amazing vegan options. Aside from regular gelato, they serve gelato made with soy and rice milk in interesting flavors, as well as fruit sorbetto.