Rome has plenty of history in its streets. Imagine traveling to the year 72 BC, the year in which the construction of the Colosseum began. Gladiators, animals and thousands of stories have gone through this building, and it is something that should see at least once in your life.


Part of the importance of this city revolves around the food and Italian wine. Currently, in Rome restaurants you can find and incredible Italian cuisine. But not in every restaurant! There are still some incredible places (not so touristic) in the city where you can enjoy a delicious Rome food travel experience. Tasting the best of both traditional and modern Italian food.


Feed Your Trip as a food expert, will organize your Rome food travel experience. We provide you with a list of delicious Italian restaurants (other cuisines can be added for free) and tips about what order. Such as spaghetti “cacio e pepe” or the sweet “maritozzo”.