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8 reasons why you need a food travel planner for your next holidays

Why a travel planner?

Do you know the best way to plan a trip? Chances are you begin by picking out your dream destination and your timeframe. Then you start looking for good deals on flights and accommodation, before diving into your itinerary. At Feed Your Trip, we know that the details are what make a trip special, especially when it comes to food. So we have some specific tips for planning the culinary aspects of your trip. But why do it all yourself when you can hire someone to do it better? There is a lot of work involved in planning a trip, and it is easy to become overwhelmed by all the options. This is why a food travel planner can help you plan the best trip ever:


1.      You’re not a travel expert

As much as you love to travel, and as much as you can research online, you are not a travel expert. Travel planners know everything there is to know about planning a trip or vacation. From the ins and outs of your desired destination to all the little details that should be organized. They know about things you never even considered. Like the monsoon season that could ruin your beach vacation in Bali, food festivals in Italy or the best time to see the Northern Lights in Iceland. If you hire a travel planner, you hire a travel expert.


2.      They can take away your stress

Planning a trip can be stressful and time-consuming, even if you are an experienced traveler. Most people don’t know how to plan a trip or where to start. Where should you go? What should you do? From budgeting to booking, there is a lot to consider and organize. Hiring a travel planner will help you take all that stress away so that you can focus on enjoying your perfect vacation.


3.      They save money and add value

There is a myth that travel agents are expensive, but that isn’t true! In fact, vacation planners know better than anyone where and how to find the best deals. More importantly, they know what things are worth, so you get the best value for money. They can sometimes even offer flexible plans kind of services to enjoy the fabulous destination you want to visit.


4.      They provide a safety net

Of course, we always hope you have a perfect trip, and nothing goes wrong. But if it does, it is nice to have someone you can call. If your flight is delayed, you get sick, or something isn’t to your liking, your trip planner can arrange everything for you behind the scenes. They are with you every step of the way, so you never have to worry about anything.


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5.      You want a bespoke trip

A vacation planner can plan a trip completely to your liking. Unlike packaged tours, a travel planner crafts a travel itinerary that fits you like a well-tailored suit. Whether it’s a road trip planner, a New York City trip planner or a Europe trip planner, they go over options and ideas with you to create a trip that you will never forget.


6.      They can offer unique experiences

Travel guides and blogs often recommend the same places and excursions, but a travel planner can offer unique experiences. They can make your wildest dreams come true and show you options you won’t find online. A food travel planner can organize unique things for you. From visits to local food markets, to the best cooking classes and Michelin star restaurants: a food travel planner can make it happen!


7.      You get a real person planning your holiday

These days, technology can do a lot of work for you. Trip planning websites boast about how easy they make it to book a vacation. But easy isn’t always better. Because as helpful as computers can be, they cannot replace real-life experience. Wouldn’t you rather rely on someone who has first-hand knowledge of the places you want to go than an algorithm? If you hire a travel planner online you get the same convenience, but with real human interaction.


8.      They work from their own passion

Last, but not least, travel planners love to travel. They know what travelers want because they are travelers themselves. And they know what makes a vacation not just good, but great. They are passionate about what they do, and nothing makes them happier than helping you have the best trip of your life.

Feed Your Trip is an expert on travel in Asia, Europe, Chile, and New York. We organize tailor-made weekend getaways, vacations and work trips. With us, you get the trip of your dreams, with the best food experiences of course. And you save money because we charge per trip, not per person. Contact us to Feed Your Trip today.