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6 tips when planning your trip

Traveling is one of the most rewarding experiences in the world. But planning your trip can be a lot of work. There are a lot of decisions involved and a lot to consider. From picking a destination to booking excursions, planning your trip can be a stressful time. Where do you even start when you want to plan your round the world trip, plan your Europe trip or plan your overseas trip?

Sometimes hiring a travel planner can be the right decision. Feed Your Trip is an expert in boutique trips for foodies. If you want a unique trip, centered around amazing culinary experiences, you should hire a food travel planner.

Of course, you can also go ahead and plan your trip by yourself. Here are a few steps to help you be your own travel planner:


1. Choose your destination

First, you will have to pick where you want to go! There are so many beautiful places in the world; it might be hard to choose just one.

There are few things to consider when picking a destination. Like, what kind of trip you want to have and how far away are you willing to go. Do you want to go somewhere warm or somewhere cold? Somewhere exotic or rather familiar? Are you planning to lie on the beach, explore cities, or climb mountains?

You can get inspiration for your dream destination from a couple of different sources. People you know may have recommendations. Browse Pinterest and Instagram or check out our featured destinations that you are sure to love.


Planning Your Trip


2. How much time

Are you planning to go away for the weekend, vacation for a few weeks or travel long term? Your choice in destination hangs together with how long you want your trip to be. If you only have a few days off, it doesn’t make sense to fly halfway around the world.

Check with your boss and travel partner(s) to see how long you want to go away for. A quick city trip or getaway can be done over a weekend. If you wish to explore several places, we recommend going for at least a week. Of course, the longer your trip, the more you can do and see.


Planning Your Trip


3. When to go

It is also essential to consider when you would like to go on your trip. This ties in with your destination pick. Some parts of the world might not have the ideal weather for when you plan to travel. Summer might be too hot for a trip to the Middle East and winter too cold for Russia. You won’t see cherry blossoms in Japan in September or tulips in the Netherlands in January.

You might be tied to school holidays, due to work or if you are traveling with kids. Keep in mind that some destinations, such as southern Europe will be very crowded during those months. The same goes for major holidays. On the other hand, a long holiday weekend can be the perfect time for a quick getaway. As you can see, planning your trip means weighing a lot of decisions.


Planning Your Trip


4. Searching for transportation

Once those initial decisions are done, the real travel planning starts. How will you get to your destination?

When looking for flights, there are several useful websites you can use. We recommend Skyscanner. They compare flights from thousands of different airlines, showing you all your options. You can also look for flights with Google Flights. Of course, you can book through the airline directly. Sometimes this is cheaper and more convenient, especially if you have a favorite airline or want to use your air miles.

As much as we all love to fly, it does take a toll on the environment. When you plan your overseas trip, you don’t have much choice, but for trips close to home, it is worth considering alternative modes of transportation.


Planning Your Trip


5. Accommodation

Now it’s time to find a place to stay. You’re going to have to choose a type of accommodation that fits your trip. For a beach vacation, you might want to go with a resort. An apartment or hotel is perfect for a city trip. If you are heading out into the country, why not look for a cute B&B or cottage? The type of accommodation also depends on the size of your group and what you intend to do.

For hotels, we recommend using trivago and to find the perfect spot and a good deal. Read other peoples reviews and look at the pictures to see if it matches your style.

If you want to a bit more independence and flexibility, an apartment or vacation home might be right for you. Airbnb lets private individuals rent out (part of) their home to travelers. A perfect match!



6. Things to see and do

The most fun part of planning your trip is looking for things to do and see. We recommend reading blogs and guidebooks to find out the best day trips, can’t miss sights and must-do activities for your destination. Do a quick location check on Instagram as well, to see what other people are doing and photographing.

Some tours, museums, and excursions might require you book in advance, so don’t wait too long with this part of planning your trip.

Be sure to also check for local food specialties and recommended restaurants, so you don’t miss out on the best meals. Take a look at our foodie travel planning tips.


Planning Your Trip