Oh là là! It could be the first expression you should say when you arrive to Paris and see how beautiful is the French capital. Because it is true, if there is something for which the French people should be proud, it is for having a capital that is an economical world power and he is lucky to keep an infinity of treasures in it.

Some of them at view of everybody, such as the Eiffel Tower or the Sacred Heart Basilica on Montmartre hill. And other ones literally, in custody at the Louvre museum such as the Mona Lisa or the Egyptian mummy (in excellent condition) to name a few of the 35,000 pieces exhibited there.

Moreover, there are many Parisian habits known at worldwide level, but how about having a coffee in a colorful terrace in one of many brasseries offers by the city? Simply seeing people pass by and all the Parisian atmosphere.