New York

One idea that many people can have about New York is the hundreds of movies inspired on this city.


It is true, when you are among its streets, you can find some detail that brings an image to your memory. Can be the Magnolia’s bakery with “Sex & the city” or the Central Park with “Home Alone”.


New York offers many things; skyscrapers, gastronomy, stylish people or live music, which makes you have an extra life to enjoy all of them.


However, even if you have along weekend available, do not hesitate for a minute that this destination is a great idea. In terms of activities and of course to enjoy the culinary tourism in New York.


A New York food travel is not just hot-dogs in “Gray’s Papaya” or hamburgers in “McDonald’s”. Due to the high level of chefs and to the international influence coming from the immigration (Mexican, Italian, Korean or Chinese), this city is much more than that.


Do not lose your time and let your Personal Travel Planner to handle the organization of your travel. Including your exclusive gastronomic tips/list to be involved on the best New York food travel experience.