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9 must eat restaurants in Barcelona

From traditional Catalan cuisine to innovative fusion, Barcelona has something for every taste. Barcelona is one of the most exciting food cities in Spain. There are Michelin star restaurants in Barcelona and some of the best restaurants in Spain. Barcelona food is best known for seafood and traditional Catalan dishes. Examples of popular Barcelona food include paella, bombas, vermouth, calçots and patatas bravas. We think that the best way to get to know a place is through the food. That is why we have compiled a list of the best new restaurants in Barcelona, the best vegan restaurants and now 9 must eat restaurants in Barcelona to eat traditional food.


Feed Your Trip must eat restaurants in Barcelona:


1. La Cova Fumada

This small, inconspicuous looking restaurant serves some of the best tapas in Barcelona. It may not look like much, but La Cova Fumada is a (literally) hidden gem: it doesn’t have a sign outside. La Cova Fumada is an authentic Spanish tapas bar where all the food is home-made by the best possible chef: a grandma. This place has a loud, fun and vibrant atmosphere and the food is excellent. This is the best place in Barcelona to eat bombas, octopus, and artichokes. La Cova Fumada does not take reservations and is only open for dinner on Thursday and Friday, otherwise just for lunch.


2. La Pepita

Another great place to eat classic tapas in Barcelona is La Pepita. The name comes from their signature dish, the “pepita,” a spin on the traditional pepito sandwich. They serve them with all kinds of interesting flavor combinations, such as mackerel with strawberry and spinach. They taste especially good with a glass of gin and tonic or the house vermouth. La Pepita is open from morning to late at night, so you can visit any time you crave delicious home-cooked Spanish food.


3. Tapas 24

Tapas 24 is not exactly a hole-in-the-wall tapas bar, but a popular spot among locals and tourists, so don’t be surprised if you have to wait in line. Chef Charles Abellan is one of the most famous chefs of Barcelona and has turned his Michelin star skills to the art of tapas. The result is delicious food and wine that deserves all the buzz, especially the chicken croquettes and truffle bikini.


must eat restaurants barcelona


4. Bodega 1900

If you are looking for upscale dining, Bodega 1900 is one of the best restaurants in Barcelona. Bodega1900 is run by famous chef Albert Adrià, and is part of the Adrià’s Brothers restaurant group. Bodega 1900 is not a typical tapas bar, but rather a play on the traditional neighborhood vermouth bars. The menu is small, but excellent, with lots of Iberian specialties and of course: great vermouth.


must eat restaurants barcelona


5. DeLaCrem

When it comes to deserts, DeLaCrem is one of the best places to eat in Barcelona. This charming coffee bar serves delicious home-made pastries and traditional Italian ice cream. They don’t offer a lot of choice in flavors, but the quality of the gelato is amazing. They also have specialty coffees like café con helado and affogato.


6. Parking Pizza

Not something you might expect on this list, but in the few years that it has been open Parking Pizza has become an iconic place to eat in Barcelona. The restaurant is located in a former parking garage, hence the name. The result is a huge industrial space, warmed up by the wood-fired ovens and a friendly atmosphere. Parking Pizza is hip, contemporary and welcoming. The pizza’s, are delicious and so is the rest of the menu. This trendy pizza place is a must-eat in Barcelona.


must eat restaurants barcelona


7. Cecconi’s

For other traditional Italian food in Barcelona, be sure to visit Cecconi’s. They serve classic Italian dishes with a modern twist made with high-quality, fresh ingrediënts. Cecconi’s is known for excellent hand-made pasta and seafood dishes. They offer set lunch menus as well as a-la-carte dining and a spectacular Sunday Brunch. This might just be the best Italian restaurant in Barcelona.


8. Disfrutar

With 2 Michelin stars, Disfrutar is not only one of the best restaurants in Barcelona, but one of the best restaurants in Spain. The restaurants has earned its two stars through the skills, creativity and talent of, the three chefs. The restaurant itself is modern and spacious with an open-plan kitchen where you can see the team create their magic. The tasting menu will alow you to try the best that Barcelona food has to offer. Through innovative cooking methods and original flavor combinations, all dishes are art.


9. Ramen-ya Hiro

Of course there is more, to the Barcelona food scene than traditional Spanish and Italian cuisine. In a modern, multicultural city like Barcelona, you can get food from all over the world. One thing we consider a must eat in Barcelona is the ramen at Ramen-ya Hiro. Ramen-ya Hiro specialises in this traditional Japanese dish and the ramen, noodles are freshly hand-made every day. Although the noodle soup is their signature dish, the sides are also great. It has become a really popular place so don’t be surprised if you see a queue lined up for a bowl of their delicious ramen.


must eat restaurants barcelona