Kyoto is a very important city in Japan. But where is Japan located? It is an island in the Pacific sea in the northeast of Asia.


The culinary tourism in Japan has a special charm, especially in Kyoto which is traditional and romantic at the same time.


Let yourself get lost in the Japanese-style streets, you will see geishas walking in the Gion neighborhood, or high pagoda-style temples that do not go unnoticed by anyone!


In fact, one of the sunsets that I most remember of Japan, is the one that is observed next to the main temple in Kyoto “Kiyomizu-Dera”. A huge structure dating from 700 AD, which simply made me sigh. And these are just examples of things to do in Kyoto with your Japan itinerary created by Feed Your Trip.


Of course, we cannot talk about Japan food travel experience without mentioning Japanese food. Because Japanese cuisine is one of the most important worldwide you can find Michelin star restaurants. Also, many desserts, mochis of different varieties, cooking classes, fish, markets, etc. in Kyoto.


Feed your Trip will support you with your personal travel planner creating every detail for your Japan trip even your own food tour (or arrange a tour with a local guide if you desire). To taste Japanese street food and get an exclusive list of Kyoto Japanese restaurant.