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Food Travel: taste new destinations

There are different ways to travel, but certainly food tourism is one of those. Discover new destinations with colors of a local food market, delicious knowledge in a cooking class or just end your day in the perfect restaurant, can makes your travel absolutely amazing.


Naturally, each traveler has a different profile based on their  preferences. Some of them opt for relaxation in paradise beaches, others for adventure sports such as canyoning, others get crazy for shopping, or other ones seek to combine leisure with business, in a good golf course next to a nice pool.


What is true is makes each trip can be linger in the way you want and at the same time, make it compatible taking time to give support and learn about the local culture. This is our philosophy in Feed Your Trip,


Do you want to know how to transform your next trip into a unique and authentic experience? In this post we will tell you more about it and why you should try it.


What is food tourism or culinary tourism?

According to the World Food Travel association Food tourism is the act of traveling for a taste of place in order to get a sense of place.”


Based on my own experience, travel thousands of kilometers to Bangkok, attend a cooking class and have contact with a local chef, is amazing! Not only because you learn about Pad Thai ingredients, recipe or method of cooking. Is also understand the history and culture of Thailand.


For otherside, have the initiative to cross your own city to buy your favorite chocolate cake, also means culinary tourism. Because you want to get the taste of the mix of ingredients in the perfect way moving from your neighborhood.


Food lovers usually appreciates, and/or consumes food and drink just for the fact of feel an experience. Directly on the taste buds or indirect by the atmosphere that a place can generate.


Food tourism include also beverage even the word “food” textually does not cover it. Because a taste of ceviche is perfect with a fresh beer. For  the same reason, a Michelin menu usually is paired with a selection of wines. So, beverages are included as consequence, and gastronomic world would not be the same without them.


Definitely, include an unique gastronomy experience in your next travel will allow you to live your destination from another point of view. You will feel it with your five senses.


food travel


Why food tourism?

Taste flavors, smell fragrances, touch textures are some of the direct reasons to experience the food tourism. But culinary tourism is more than that.


The gastronomy tourism give you the chance as traveler to explore the local area and learn about local food trends, cooking techniques and food history. From other side, a food travel give you the opportunity to learn about regional history. Do an immersion on local culture getting knowledge of  how a group of citizen live daily.


For example, hamburgers show the frantic and fast life in New York; Limoncello gives us a reference of lemons big size in Amalfi (Italy) leverage in a liquor; the mango sticky rice from Thailand talks about a population that, do to his tremendous rice cultivation areas, not only uses this cereal as “accompaniment”.


Food tourism is becoming more important

So how can we define a food traveller or a proper food travel experience? As reference, the Rise of Food Tourism report prepared by Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance + Skift team share figures reported by The Mandala Research firm in 2013 in the American Culinary Traveler Report as “leisure travelers are defined as someone who has booked at least one vacation in the previous 12 months, represent 71% of the U.S. adult population, or around 170 million Americans. Mandala reports that 77% of those leisure travelers can be classified as culinary travelers, having participated in culinary travel activities such as dining out for a unique or memorable experience, taking cooking classes, or attending food festivals.”


The figures in the previous paragraph show a clear picture of the current interest of travelers in gastronomy activities during their vacations or weekend getaway.


food travel

Tips to organize your own food travel

Feed Your Trip born manly by the love on all related to the gastronomy world. The first way to do it was through the Asian cooking workshops of my blog El Paladar Curioso. Later I realized that in the same way as I have planned my own trips around the world, and have helped several friends and family to organize theirs. Since then on, a new fabulous passion began to take shape, which has makes me leave my traditional work to dedicate all my efforts to help you with my experience, traveling empathy and gastronomic eagerness. And that is how this initiative was born!


Now, when Feed Your Trip team travels, in addition to carrying out all the general information about the destination, also do some pre-work of research about the food destination.


  1. Get a first immersion on the regional food buying or consulting cookbooks.
  2. Read about the local food history.
  3. Get a book about the destination to read during the travel.
  4. Discover local specialties (dish).
  5. Collect information about different kind of cuisine available, since traditional until molecular gastronomy.
  6. Look for special events during the stay.


All this information is analyzed to obtain the best food travel tips in terms of gastronomy, and at the same time make sustainable tourism through the support to local business.


  • Have a meal at locals’ homes, at local restaurants, or street food.
  • Cooking with locals in a delicious cooking class.
  • Attend a show cooking of a professional local chef.
  • Participate in food and drink tasting sessions at a local shop of cheeses, wines, sake, beers, etc.
  • Walk and enjoy food and drink tours pass through your destination bars or restaurants.
  • Take a break collecting ingredients likes truffle or participating in the harvesting period.
  • Get out of the downtown visiting farms, orchards, wineries, distilleries, food markets, fairs or festivals. The atmosphere is fun and incredible!
  • Have a look of regional products and acquire your souvenirs on local supermarkets.
  • Taste homemade food in small supermarket or grocery and have a lovely picnic.


Of course not all tourists base their travel plans on culinary interest, but it can be an important additional motivation. Do you agree with me?


In this context, Feed your Trip in addition to organize your food travel, proposes you to find-out the local culture, offering you suggestions of what and where to eat in your next destination. Let this video inspire your next holidays!