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Discover new destinations tasting

There are different ways to travel and enjoy a destination. Certainly, gastronomy is one of those, which besides recreate can reveal interesting treasures and history.


Naturally, each traveler has a different profile based on their tastes or preferences. Some of them opt for relaxation in paradise beaches, others for adventure sports such as canyoning or climbing, others go crazy for shopping, or other ones seek to combine leisure with business, in a good golf course next to a nice pool.


What is true, and it is what we propose from Feed your trip, is that each trip can be linger in the way you want and at the same time, make it compatible taking time within your vacation to learn about the local culture.


You are probably asking yourself, how is done? There is a very simple and delicious way The Gastronomy! Through the aromas, smells, textures and flavors exist a real reference about the society which you are visiting; a way of life or expression of ideas.


For example, hamburgers show the frantic and fast life of New York’s citizens; Limoncello gives us a reference of lemons big size in Amalfi (Italy) leverage in a liquor, or the mango sticky rice from Thailand, which realize a population with tremendous cultivation areas, not only uses this cereal as “accompaniment” but also, to enhance their limited varieties of desserts.



Initially I was not aware when I travel, in addition to carrying out all the information of the destination, I make a products list to taste, and of course, where to taste them. As types of cheeses, wines, drinks, fruits, spices, local markets or even cooking classes, if the destination has the chance.


It was precisely in Tokyo, during a 4 months trip through Asia, that for some reason I began to store in an APP all the places where I liked the food that I tried. When the trip was over, I felt in some way I should share those experiences with other people.



The first way to do it was through the Asian cooking workshops of my blog El Paladar Curioso. However, later I realized that in the same way as I have planned my own trips and have helped several friends and family to organize theirs, I could also help you with my experience, traveling empathy and gastronomic eagerness. And that is how this initiative was born


Feed your Trip in addition to organize your travel, proposes you to find-out the local culture, offering you suggestions of what and where to eat in your next destination.


Dare to give that special touch to your next destination!