Chiloe Island

An amazing culinary travel in Chile can be done in the extreme south of the country. About 1,200 KM away from Santiago of Chile the great Chiloé Island is located with a territory of 8,394 square km.


An area which still retains a lot of its charm thanks (or misfortune) there is no access by road. It can only be accessed by ferry from Puerto Montt city, traveling about 40 minutes through the Chacao strait. Or a one hour and half flight to the town of Mocopulli (from Santiago).


Due to its humid and rainy climate is recommended travel over January or February. To taste during summer season of your Chiloé island food travel with fish & seafood courses, like “curanto en hoyo”.


Complement your culinary travel, taking pics of the colorful “palafitos”, or visiting one of the 150 wooden churches, around the island.