Traveling is one of the most rewarding experiences in the world. But planning your trip can be a lot of work. There are a lot of decisions involved and a lot to consider. From picking a destination to booking excursions, planning your trip can be a stressful time. Where do you even start when you want to plan your round the world trip, plan your Europe trip or plan your overseas trip?Sometimes hiring a travel planner can be the right decision. Feed Your Trip is an expert in

Why a travel planner? Do you know the best way to plan a trip? Chances are you begin by picking out your dream destination and your timeframe. Then you start looking for good deals on flights and accommodation, before diving into your itinerary. At Feed Your Trip, we know that the details are what make a trip special, especially when it comes to food. So we have some specific tips for planning the culinary aspects of your trip. But why do it all yourself when you can hire someone

There are different ways to travel, but certainly food tourism is one of those. Discover new destinations with colors of a local food market, delicious knowledge in a cooking class or just end your day in the perfect restaurant, can makes your travel absolutely amazing. Naturally, each traveler has a different profile based on their ¬†preferences. Some of them opt for relaxation in paradise beaches, others for adventure sports such as canyoning, others get crazy for shopping, or other ones seek to combine leisure with business, in a good