destinos para viajar en diciembre, best places to go in december

The 6 best destinations to travel in December

The month of December is synonymous of festivities and celebrations, whether for Christmas, the old night (New Year) or for those activities between colleagues, which make us feel relaxed to undertake a trip to another city.

Traveling in December is a way to make a “break” from the current year and start the next one with a lot of renewed energy and air. Because although, each traveler has its own way of enjoying a destination, the truth is that you always learn something new, no matter how small it may be, and it may be that this fact is what prompts us to start the new year much better.


I could list an infinite list of destinations you would like to visit. However, I have selected to you, 6 best places to go in December that could be enjoyed as a 4-days getaway, or if you have more days available, you can perfectly combine it with other interesting places nearby, which I called “complement”. We start with the selection ¡And let your imagination fly!

  1. Valparaíso, Chile. Who would not like to spend the New Year’s Eve in a city amphitheater with fireworks displayed thrown along 20 km of sea, and the possibility to taste fish and seafood. This is Valparaíso, a World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO since 2003, at only 115 KM far away from Santiago de Chile. Complement: Viña del Mar, San Pedro de atacama o Chiloé Island.


  1. Amsterdam, Holland. A charming European capital with its beautiful channels, offers multiple winter plans such as skating rinks or the traditional Christmas markets, but also two interesting activities; the Amsterdam light festival (Dec-Jan) illuminating streets and buildings, and the fireworks from the river Amstel that are both a great spectacle. Complement: Rotterdam, Hague or Utrecht.

best places to go in december

  1. New York, United States. Once in the life you must please yourself with a December in this city. Everything is different, because New York is a city of mass enjoyment: live music, activities in the parks, the mandatory visit by adults and kids to the famous huge Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Center or the countdown at the New Year’s Eve enjoying with a lot of people at full Times Square. Complement: Philadelphia, Washington DC or Boston


  1. Tokyo Japan. If you want New Year’s Eve with symbolism and traditions, your destination is the Japanese country. Having this holiday several days of duration, the Japanese usually enjoy it with their own families eating mochis, decorating the houses with typical ornaments made of bamboo and orange, dining Soba and waiting not 12 bells but 108 bells! Do not forget to pay attention as post office, all the greeting cards for the new year and distribute them, just the morning of January 1st. Complement: Takayama, Kanazawa o Kyoto.

best places to go in december

  1. Koh Tao, Thailand. If you do not like agglomerations and you want to move away, this is your option. A small island in the Gulf of Thailand that encourages disconnection and peace, in addition of the possibility to enjoy one of its best weather during the year. It has like postcard beaches, crystal clear sea and a wonderful world under the sea, which makes this island a powerful reference for scuba diving. Complement: Koh Samui, Koh Phangan or Bangkok.


  1. Berlin, Germany. In the month of December, the Berliners forget the cold weather, spend time to walk through the Christmas markets to taste Berlin ball (a stuffed bun made with a dough like a donut) or a good hot wine flavored with cinnamon “glühwein”. For the New Year’s Eve, wear well coat (weather could be several degrees below zero) and get ready because many young people and families go to the Brandenburg gate to drink, watch the fireworks, and launch their own pyrotechnic device. Complement: Potsdam, Hamburg or Hannover.