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6 must-eat sandwiches in Chile

If you ask any Chilean who is walking on the famous “Paseo Ahumada” pedestrian street in the big capital for What is your favorite food in the country? I assure you that a large percentage will answer one of the many sandwiches, the most popular Chile food.


This is not just imagination or an invention, certainly the consumption of these delicacies makes that Chile according to studies dating from 2015 “is the second country in the world with the highest consumption of bread per inhabitant, with figures that border the 90 kilos per person in a way annual, in addition to composing about 2% of family spending.


Chileans love to enjoy these delicacies as part of their daily lives. Of course, each person has his sandwich and favorite place to enjoy it.They can be found in fast food places or restaurants, and normally people have it for lunch or dinner, but there are daring people who could even have it for breakfast, without any issue.


Regarding the sandwich’s assortments, there are many types and variations but, in this article, we have selected 6 of them to be enjoyed in your next trip to Chile.

Completo Italiano

Which has nothing similar with the boot country. It is named for the similarity to the colors of its flag with the ingredients of this sandwich. It is made in an elongated bread (hot-dog type) with a sausage in the middle that is covered with tomato, avocado and mayonnaise.



Is an almost social snack shared with friends or family, which is usually eaten while waiting main meat is grilled on the barbecue. Half elongated bread (marraqueta type) stuffed with grilled sausage or longaniza.


Arrollado Huaso

 Is a sandwich that is usually prepared only with this typical Chilean homemade sausage, although its base origins are Spanish. The sausage is made of pieces of fresh pig’s leg meat and bacon that are macerated in vinegar, salt, pepper and cumin for at least 24 hours, and then cooked in water. All this is wrapped in a pig skin, which is tied with a cord to form a roll. Finally, there is the variant that can covered by spicy paste.


Barros luco

This sandwich curiously owes its name to the surnames of a former president of the Republic of Chile who governed between 1910 and 1915. He frequented a famous restaurant in Santiago de Chile ordering for a sandwich which was not in the menu; Grilled steak with hot cheese on top. It can be eaten in hamburger type bread, white loaf or marraqueta bread.


Ave palta

its name does not have much science, it is literally chopped or crushed boiled chicken mixed with crushed avocado. There is another variation that is ave-pimiento, which instead mixed with avocado, it takes red pepper boiled and crushed. It is very used for picnics or snacks since it is easier for transport.



The name’s roots of this dish are found in the Quechua language, originally from the northern zone of Chile. “Chacra” means “agricultural farm” and therefore chacarero is “owner of the Chacra”. It is called so because all its ingredients come from the “Chacra”, which are: grilled beef, tomato, green beans and green chili. Normally, it is served in hamburger bread.


Any of these sandwiches can be seasoned by the four favorite sauces of the Chileans; ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard or chili paste.


Are you ready to experience one of the popular Chile food? Wich one of these sandwiches would you like to taste on your next vacation in Chile?

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