The first thing to take into consideration is that, Catalonia has always been offering the best wine regions in Spain. In consequence, a huge variety of experiences on wine and food tourism are available to discover in your next trip to Barcelona.Mediterranean climate creates a fabulous atmosphere around food & wine. Fresh products are the basis for delicious dishes to discover and, of course, a good wine or cava is an excellent opportunity to get the best pairing. This post will share two Catalonian wine regions which makes

A trip to Barcelona, Spain offers more than just sunshine and beautiful sights. It is not only Gaudi’s architecture, the beaches and the vibrant nightlife that draw tourists to Barcelona. The capital of Catalunya also boasts an impressive food scene filled with the best local and international cuisine. It is one of the main reasons you should visit Barcelona. Famous food in Barcelona is paella, pintxos and vermouth, but there is so much more Barcelona food to try.There are many excellent restaurants throughout the city and new places

Barcelona is one of the most popular destinations in Europe, for tourism and business travel. With an international airport in the city and two more close by, Barcelona is easy to reach from all around the world. The city offers many spaces for meetings, such as the Barcelona World Trade Center, and everything else you need to have a good business trip. If you are going on a business trip to Barcelona: congratulations, we are sure you will love this beautiful city. Barcelona is famous for Gaudi´s masterpieces

Why a travel planner? Do you know the best way to plan a trip? Chances are you begin by picking out your dream destination and your timeframe. Then you start looking for good deals on flights and accommodation, before diving into your itinerary. At Feed Your Trip, we know that the details are what make a trip special, especially when it comes to food. So we have some specific tips for planning the culinary aspects of your trip. But why do it all yourself when you can hire someone

Work can be a great excuse to travel. If you have a meeting, presentation or conference abroad, why not add a few days and turn your business trip into a bleisure trip? You have come all this way, so it would be a shame not to take some time to explore in around the city. Barcelona is a popular bleisure destination in Europe and there a lot of things to do in Barcelona. But it is also worth venturing out of the city into the Spanish countryside. From

Veganism and vegetarianism are growing food trends. Whether it is out of concern for the environment, animal cruelty or health, more and more people are embracing a plant-based diet. But a vegan lifestyle and travel do not always mix well. It can be hard for vegans to find suitable places to eat when visiting different cities and countries. Food is an important part of travel, and with this list of the best vegan restaurants in Barcelona you won’t miss out on great vegan food experience.  Vegan cities around the

Barcelona is the most visited city in Spain. And with good reason. From the iconic Gaudi architecture to the white beaches, Barcelona has something for everyone. Here are 38 reasons to visit Barcelona. Of course, all this comes with some downsides. Barcelona is a hotspot for tourists year-round and is notorious for scams and pickpockets. But don´t let that damper your love for this beautiful city. Whether it is a city trip or a beach vacation, enjoy the impressive sights, a vibrant nightlife, great shopping, and excellent food. There

Tapas, dishes, dessert or drinks that you can not miss in your next vacation to Barcelona. A list created especially for foodies who are interested on the best Catalan cuisine to try in Barcelona. The Catalonian capital has been working very hard in terms of chefs and organizations, in order to grow-up the cuisine level. In fact, the gastronomy is one of the 38 reason to visit Barcelona , explained in last Feed Your Trip post. Barcelona has the honor to live the benefits of Mediterranean cuisine with a diversity