So, Why should you visit Barcelona at least once?To Illustrate,  in this city live 8.9 million overnight visitor in 2017. Barcelona is one of this kind of city with an amazing mix between perfect size and quality life. Sun, beaches, food, architecture, and innumerable things that going to give to the best 38 reasons to know why visit Barcelona in Spain.As result, of my experience and 11 years living in Barcelona, let's check 38 highlights selected specially for your next visit to Barcelona: Global 1. Cosmopolitan Located in a strategic point of

There are different ways to travel, but certainly food tourism is one of those. Discover new destinations with colors of a local food market, delicious knowledge in a cooking class or just end your day in the perfect restaurant, can makes your travel absolutely amazing. Naturally, each traveler has a different profile based on their  preferences. Some of them opt for relaxation in paradise beaches, others for adventure sports such as canyoning, others get crazy for shopping, or other ones seek to combine leisure with business, in a good