The month of December is synonymous of festivities and celebrations, whether for Christmas, the old night (New Year) or for those activities between colleagues, which make us feel relaxed to undertake a trip to another city. Traveling in December is a way to make a "break" from the current year and start the next one with a lot of renewed energy and air. Because although, each traveler has its own way of enjoying a destination, the truth is that you always learn something new, no matter how small it

If you ask any Chilean who is walking on the famous “Paseo Ahumada” pedestrian street in the big capital for What is your favorite food in the country? I assure you that a large percentage will answer one of the many sandwiches, the most popular Chile food. This is not just imagination or an invention, certainly the consumption of these delicacies makes that Chile according to studies dating from 2015 "is the second country in the world with the highest consumption of bread per inhabitant, with figures that border